Aguilas Carnival

Led by British guide (fluent Spanish) with local knowledge to give you the best experience in town for a night of a lifetime at the Aguilas Carnival. Guided tour includes transportation from various pick-ups to and from Aguilas for one of Spain's ultimate carnival extravaganzas; a view of the procession from a prime location; bonfire and ritual burning of Don Carnal followed by stunning firework display. Plus free drinks on the coach, 28 euros per person. The carnival dates change yearly according to Easter dates and fall in February/March each year.

Sierra Cabrera

A full day guided tour with transport and British guide to experience the glory of the Sierra Cabrera mountains on for a leisurely day’s walk tailored to your needs taking in the incredible mountain views (and at a slow pace - everyone can do this, including children). The pilgrimage or ‘Romeria’ for the Virgin Saint Inmaculada de la Concepcion begins at la Carrasca, a mountain top village and continues through the forgotten villages of the Sierra, as the effigy of the patron saint is carried lovingly on the shoulders of local people throughout the journey. The total covered walking distance is six kilometres. Ticket price of 48 euros includes picnic lunch with wine and beer and refreshments and cakes and hot chocolate in the afternoon. A truly unique experience in the mountainsides of Sierra Cabrera, Almeria, without the exertion you would expect! This tour occurs on the final Sunday of March.