JOIN US on a Secret Spain trip for the magical night at the festival of San Juan in Garrucha which marks the true beginning of summer - The Fiesta of Fire - where the beach is illuminated with bonfires throughout the night along the coastline, fireworks and music with entertainment for all ages - evening trip on June 23.

A memorable night for all in the tradition of San Juan - one that must be experienced at least once by all. In Garrucha, the tradition of fire and cleansing in the sea is honoured every year on the night of the 23rd/24th of June as the shortest night of the year occurs on the 24th. It is claimed that swimming in the sea at midnight will cleanse the body and the soul...and many people test the legend on the night! Experience the party with Costa Almeria Tours - we will transport you to the beach fiesta and you do not have to worry about driving and can enjoy all the fun of the fiesta for a special night to remember. Certain festivals seem to summarize life in Spain, with its love of having a good time in the company of friends and loved ones. The Night of San Juan is one such of these events. A celebration usually held on the beach with roaring bonfires, drink, food, and friends. It is a memorable, almost surrealistic scene, once experienced, never forgotten. Evening trip including transport and British guide on the coach (with fluent Spanish) - €42 (Euro) per person. Pick-up points from Sorbas, Los Gallardos, Mojacar, Turre, Albox and Vera from around 19.00 and return from around 01.00. Please ask if you require a pick-up from elsewhere, we may be able to oblige.