The view from La Carrasca takes in a panoramic setting, second to none - on the annual Fiesta de La Carrasca, the first weekend of September.

La Carrasca, in the Sierra Cabrera mountainside - an "abandoned" village of farmhouses - see the resurrection of the centuries old fiesta and the true Spanish hospitality at its best in the annual festival which will transport you away from it all and into 'Secret Spain'. A SECRET SPAIN TOUR - to the Spanish fiesta in the abandoned village of La Carrasca in the Sierra Cabrera falls on the Saturday of the first weekend in September. SECRET SPAIN will show you Almeria’s incredible sights, tastes and the stunning natural beauty of the area, travelling through the old rural areas of an enclave of people who hid from the pirates centuries ago and then suffered poverty and drought in the 20th century which drove most of the rural population from their homes- a secret spot mostly unknown to tourists. The fiesta was resurrected just four years ago after more than fifty years of emigration and poverty. Now, at last, the old customs and traditions are being revived, but not in a sorry pretence of a heritage site - there, the Moors and Christians battle re-enactment is remembered by rote from some of the original residents from the area and performed by the same.