St Patrick's Day in Lorca


I know what you are thinking, what on earth does Lorca in Murcia, Spain have in connection with St Patrick's Day in Ireland?

Well, all will be revealed...

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Since 1452, the city of Lorca has been closely bound to St. Patrick’s Day. On the 17th of March of that year, an historic battle took place: the Battle of Alporchones where Christian troops fought the Moors, as was repeated throughout Andalucia and in this instance the Christians were the victors. This historical event was remembered by the townspeople due to the date of the battle, when some years later, the name of St Patrick, the Patron Sant of Ireland was chosen for the the building of what was intended to be Lorca Cathedral.

Now, alongside both Dublin and New York Cathedrals, St. Patrick’s Collegiate in Lorca is the third of the major churches dedicated to St Patrick. Traditionally in Lorca, the Irish flag together with the Spanish flag is raised on the 17th of March in one of the major town squares. The day is spent in a physical and mental whirl of Irish and Spanish traditions combined! The raising of the Irish and Spanish flags coincides with the celebration of the local police service whose Patron Saint is St. Patrick. Both National Anthems are  played by the Local Brass Band and the festivities continue with Guinness and all wonderful Irish influences - you will certainly never forget it!

Includes visit to St Patrick's Collegiate

Transport from where you are, breakfast, full lunch, British guide (with fluent Spanish) and all refreshments with wine and beer, all inclusive.

 From €78 (euros) per person. Pick-up points from Alfaix HPB, Sorbas, Los Gallardos, Mojacar, Turre, Vera,  or FROM WHERE YOU ARE from around 9.00 in the morning and return at around 18.00.

For more information and reservations, give Jackie a call on (0034) 646 760 389 or email

The collegiate of San Patricio, badly damaged in the earthquake of 2011 has undergone substantial renovation - could be open for the St Patrick's Day celebrations, but no guarantees.

For more information and reservations, give Jackie a call on (0034) 646 760 389 or email