A hedonist's dream trip - "sailing" with no sailing required

A life on the ocean waves...don't we just love it!

This is the type of sailing we all love - a captain and crew who will carry us across the waves in a beautiful 40ft yacht, without us having to lift a finger; cava and smoked salmon breakfast, a coastal swim away from the madding crowds; and a sumptuous lunch to follow in the marina - what more could a self-respecting hedonist ask for...plus we will transport you there from all surrounding areas for pick-up - so no drink drive problems?  And all of this at a price you will not believe.

Available for "Secret Spain" private parties or join us for one of our scheduled tours (we can take a maximum of 10 passengers, plus the guide, children very welcome). Next date, April 5th or a date of your choice on request, subject to availability.

Go on, you know you want to...and so do we!

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